Friday, July 13

Summer Secret Sisters Revealed

Last month I participated in a blog swap! It was my first ever time, and I'm definitely afraid I did not so great a job. I was so extremely confused on what exactly to do, especially the whole "don't tell who you are" part. I guess I thought that even in your package you weren't supposed to tell who you were! Go figure that you actually were. I also felt uber bad because I had to send mine out late as the send-out day was actually the day before my graduation party and I was in a state of utter chaos. The other thing I felt really bad about was that I was supposed to send nail polish {I actually picked out three of the cutest colors} and once I got to the post office I was told it was illegal to send it through the mail! Urgh! 
Lucky for me whoever got me also wasn't quite sure about the whole secretive thing and I'm not sure who you are! {If you're reading this tell me who you are, preeeetty please} I'm so so so loving my lotion that she gave me! It was absolutely the most wonderful scent and I've been in total need of some lotion. So thank you! Not pictured is a whole bag of Jelly Belly's which I promptly ate all of. 
I had Crystal Palmer  and lucky for me she loves purple. I tried to have a theme of everything purple and too bad I wasn't able to send the nail polish because it was two shades of lovely purple and then some purple sparklies. I never ended up getting a picture of everything I sent her but it included a {purple} headband, a {purple} friendship bracelet with an evil eye, some lavender Bee Bar lotion, homemade raspberry jam {kind of purple...ish} and a Nicholas Sparks book. 

All in all, I had a really great time with this Blog Swap. It was a first for me, and I hope I have the opportunity to do it again. Anyone thinking a Secret Santa during Christmas-time? 

Also, a question for all the other ladies who participated in the swap:
How do you find out about other swaps? 

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  1. Hey There! I was your Secret Summer Sister! Wasn't quite sure of the rules apparently! Haha. Glad that you liked everything! Come visit me over at


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