Monday, March 21

MMH #2

Another round of...
Monday Must-Haves
*cue applause* 

Can you say awesome?? 
Cause that's what this is. Completely awesome.
I've been looking for an initial necklace, but have yet to find one I like. And usually if I do like it, it doesn't come in an "H" 
(Which, by the way, my real name is Hannah. My middle name is Lauren. I prefer Lauren.) 
But this one, is perfect. Seeing as I adore Scrabble. And it's cute. What could be better? 

Basically this is just adorable. 

This is just cute.
I love the colors. I love the lightness of the fabric.

Ahhh. I love love love this. 
So cute. I wanteth. 

Ok. One more thing that's a favorite. 
Yessss. They make me happy, tho I've never won anything.
Right now I'm entering in this giveaway.
It's wicked. Annnd I wanna win. 

OK. Well I'm done for the day. 
It's been a long, and not so great one. 

P.S. If anyone wants to get me any of that cool stuff, I'll send you my address. (: 

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