Saturday, March 19

Maple Syrup

Know what's exciting? 
Making maple syrup. 
I shoulda took more pictures, so all you city folk could see how the process works... but it was actually my first time, so I was trying to figure it out. 
I wish I was a better photographer, like Scarlett, but I am not. 
This picture is sorta blurry, buuut if you look close you can see the drop of sap.
And. Just so you know, I tapped that tree. 
Yup. I hammered that little spicket right into that ole' Maple tree. 
That is the beloved "Sugar Shack". I spent a good three hours in that little shack today. It was SO incredibly hot in there. 
I literally have red sunburn-like marks on my legs from standing next to the fire while stirring the syrup. 

See, the thing about me is, I like being clean. And I like looking nice. But, I know how to get down and dirty with the boys. All my life I hung out with boys, as there were no girls my age, and I've kind of just kept those friends all through my teenage years. 
Basically, girls, if you don't have a guy best friend, you need to get one. He'll be the best friend you'll ever have. But, maybe that's just me. 
Anyways, happy Saturday. Have a good one. 

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