Monday, March 14

Must-Haves Monday #1

I've decided to show you all my "wishlist." 
I think what I shall do is update this every Monday.
Show you all my favorite things of the week. 

I think I've already show you all these shoes. 
I still adore them, and I'm pretty sure I need them to survive.

I'm pretty darn sure this is one of the cutest Hello Kitty things ever created.

I seriously think this would be cute to wear in my hair. 

I saw this book last week when browsing through the bookstore. 
I wanna read it so, so badly. Mainly because for awhile I was 
really thinking about becoming a music therapist. 

This picture is so pretty. I love cameos. 

How about the cutest baby giraffe ever?

I really want this thing someday.
It reminds me of my Aunt who adored pigs, and it's just too cute. 

I've recently started to really like dream catchers. And feathers. 
These earrings are gorgeousness. 

So you all know of some things I want now. 
I give you permission to send me donations so I can get these things.

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