Monday, March 14

country bumpkin

Ok. So I know these are sort of filler posts. 
But I feel as if they're really effective at this stage in my blog. 
Why you ask? 

Reason numero uno*: I'm sick. Aaaand not being sick, I don't really feel like looking all too nice. So I don't. What sucks most about my sickness is that it's all asthma related. So I'm not contagious or anything, I just can't breath. 

Reason number two: I want you gals (yes. I'm a country bumpkin who says "gals") to really start to get to know me. What's the point of this here blog, if you don't really know much about me.

I don't know if you've realized this, but, I'm not super duper stylish. I try to be. But it doesn't always work for me. So, in no way, shape, or form do I really consider this a fashion blog or a style blog. A lot of what I write on here does have to do with clothes. But it's more of just... a Lauren blog. It's my quest for pretty things. For beauty. In any form. Whether it be clothing, poetry, pictures, anything. I love beautiful things. 
So, be prepared for my next post!! 

*Please do not let this lead you to believe 
that I know any Spanish. Cause I don't. 

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