Wednesday, March 16

keepin' it realio

 Guess who lives in a place where she doesn't have to wear a coat cause it's 50 degrees? 
This kid. 
 Guess who begged her sister, Scarlett, to let her borrow that lovely lacey vest?
Me, again. Wow, ya'll are good. 
Guess who left her straightener on and let her mascara tube melt to the straightener? 
Yup. Me again. 

I'm gonna give you a glimpse of the real Lauren. 
Sometimes I feel like it's so easy to be a pretend person on the Internet. 
And I don't want to be a pretend person. I wanna be real with you. 
I feel especially when I blog about fashion that I let you all believe that I look nice all the time. 
So. I shall show you some awesome pictures I just took. Cause I'm vain and take pictures of myself when bored. 
 That's what I look like when I try to wink. 
I'm not a good winker, but I try really hard. 
 That's what happens when I start laughing.
My little eyes just disappear, and then you also get a glimpse of my oh so lovely crooked tooth. 
Seriously, I have (what I think are) horrible teeth. My mouth is super small, and there isn't enough room for all my teeth. Like, I honestly still have baby teeth. 
That is what a look like when I try and roll my tongue. 
And then the excitement when I realized I actually did it. Yeah. That was the first time EVER.
I was proud. And thats why my eyes just popped out. 

The clothes:
Purple T: JCPenney (with a giftcard. aren't those glorious?)
Destroyed Jeans: JCPenney 
Grey Vest: (Courtesy of Scarlett) JCPenney. 
Slipper Shoes (anybody know what they're actually called): Payless 

P.S. Check out the song below. It's wicked. 


  1. This color looks fabulous on you, and I really love the lacey vest--the details are intricate and gorgeous. And I believe those shoes are moccasins. But possibly my mind is deceiving me, and I am horribly off. :P
    xo, Paige Renae

  2. You failed to mention something, Lauren. So I'll mention it. What you mean by "begged" me to wear my vest, you GROVELED. I mean on the kitchen floor begging and pleading. I thought I'd just mention that ;)


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