Friday, January 7

reasons i'm hot.

Me woman. That's why I don't need boots. Or socks. 

First impressions are scary. Whatever I say here will make you either love me, or hate me. Unless you're nice and want to give me a second chance. Who am I kidding? I know you're probably a sweetheart. See. Now I'm flattering you, you want to come back don't you? Come baaaaack. You want to read moreeee.

I guess I can introduce myself. I'm Lauren. I like a trillion things, there aren't many things I don't like. I love Hello Kitty. And the piano. And the Ukulele. I love reading and I love fashion. Well, my version of fashion at least. I'm what some would call a Christian, though I'm not too into labels. I'm most definitely a Christ Follower. That being said I don't believe in flaunting what I got, and let me tell you I got some great stuff that's hard to hide. Kidding, kidding. I'm into being modest... Because modest is hottest. 

That must be why I'm so hot. 

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