Thursday, January 5

all the right words have already been said

Life off the blog has consisted of hanging out with my favorite, most beautiful cousin while she was home from college. I love hanging out with her because she's my only girl friend, other than Scar of course. Which, by no means, is me complaining. I love having guy friends. They're all like my brothers, I love having guy friends. I've always had more guy friends than girls, and I'm pretty used to it. But, every once in awhile I wish I had some girl friends living around me so we could talk girlie, and do girlie things. Thats why when Cas is home I disconnect myself from the rest of the world and solely hang out with her. 
I'm planning on coming back in full force, and have some goals for the blog for this new year. So in the meanwhile, hold tight and enjoy decent webcam pictures of me trying to write a song on my Ukulele. 

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