Monday, January 23

MMH #15

1. I sort of love piercings. Mainly because if I get tired of them I can just take them out. I'm thinking my next one shall be a triple forward helix. Super pretty, right? 

2. I'm totally loving this dress from ModCloth. I'm thinking for my graduation party.

3. I'm so diggin' this hairstyle. I'm really trying to find some more interesting things to do with my hair while it's growing out. The layers are now just obnoxious, and I desperately want to get rid of them. 


  1. I love the way helix piercings look, but my ears are so small! :( I'll have to try out that hairstyle- I'm always looking for something non-boring to do. Haha. And cute dress! :)


    1. I'm pretty sure, if I do it, I'll only be able to get a double because of the size of my ears too. It's a sad day :(


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