Tuesday, January 10

tattoos on this town

As you may, or may not, know I'll be graduating in the spring... of this year. Can you believe it? Little ole me will be graduating! Okay, sorry for the freak out there. 
Anyways, since I was in about eighth grade I firmly stated that I did not want an Open House. At all. Ever. Under no circumstance. Well, turns out I've reconsidered. I guess I decided after seeing all the fun things that all the "regular" seniors get to do that I don't. Like Senior Prom (don't make fun of me, but would it not be super fun to get dressed up?), Class Songs, Caps & Gowns. All the stuff that screams SENIOR, I don't get to do. Which doesn't mean that I want to quick enroll myself into Pellston High. But I did figure that there's one Senior thing I can do. That being an Open House. 
So I went on ole trust Pinterest and created an Open House board. I'm trying to go with a vintage feel. I've also decided to make my own invitations. Scarlett's been helping me, and those are my two favorites thus far. 
I'm sure I'll have lots of little projects going for my Open House soon, and I'll make sure to keep you updated! 

Oh! P.S. I wanted to say a big resounding "Hello!" to my new followers! Don't be shy, comment away. (: 

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