Thursday, January 26

a photo an hour// take two

Woke up at 10, you jelly? Drank my favorite, Yogi tea.

After devotions I decided to dress myself. 

That's pretty much all my school for the day, with the exception of French and piano. 

Lunch! Yummy! 

I redid my french manicure. New trick (especially if you have little hands and fingernails): Use a detail paintbrush. 

I've been using this new lip balm, and it's delish. Plus it's keeping my lips very soft and luscious. 

I couldn't pick just one of the kitty. Mercy is just way too cute for her own good.

If you've ever looked at my Tumblr you may realize that I love Christmas lights. They're just so darn pretty.

Getting ready to go to youth group. I've had these L.L. Bean boots since fifth grade. 

That's my Uncle Bruce, who is also my youth leader.

Look at my handsome boy!

Hunter took over my camera. 
This was his favorite picture. 

I really enjoy doing these and trying to figure out what to take pictures of during school. Lucky for you guys I only took pictures of books once! All the pictures after 5:00 are a wee bit blurry, I have such horrible lighting in my house! I definitely think I got more creative this time around. 

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  1. You look like that girl from modern family....blonde moment forgot her name ..the really pretty one


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