Friday, January 27

what i wore// frumpy chic

Greay Slouchy Sweater- TJ Maxx; Jeans- Thrifted (Delia's); Boots- LL Bean

I've finally defined my style: Frumpy chic. 
Hear me out, when are you your most frumpy looking? Generally when you're in your worn in comfiest clothes. The baggy stuff, the stuff that doesn't cling to you. So my deepest desire every time I put some article of clothing on is to have the "frumpy feel" without looking frumpy. An illusion that I'm trying, when in all reality I'm just as comfortable as when I'm wearing my PJ's. Genius? I think so. 
How about some outtakes? 

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  1. Cute pics! Who takes them?

    1. My sister Scarlett takes my pictures :)
      She's 16 and amazing. She does weddings, families, and senior pictures!


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