Thursday, November 10

this is me

Confession time. 
And it's odd that I'm nervous about this.
But, I'm gonna tell you anyways. 

My name is Hannah Lauren Byard. 
Not Lauren Holmes. 

Why did I tell you all my name was Lauren? There are a couple reasons.

 Though I love my name (Hannah) I've always hated the commonness of it. Back in 1994 it wasn't the most popular name. From 1997-2000 though, "Hannah" was number two on the charts for most popular girls name. There are an abundance of Hannahs. And Lauren, though still in the top 25, was a bit less common. Because of the trillions of Hannahs (there were literally 3 of us in my last homeschool group. and it wasn't even a big group.) I've always thought that maybe I'd like to be called by my middle name. So I tried it. Turns out, it's not very natural for me to be called by Lauren. 

 So why change my last name as well? Lauren Byard (tell me how you think it's pronounced, i've heard about a million variations.)? Well, to be honest, I didn't want anyone in my "real" life to find out about it. Not because I'm ashamed of it or anything, but because I want to be free to say whatever I want. If people I know happened upon it, cool. But I don't want to advertise this blog. That's why I have another one (where i usually talk about fairly serious stuff. it's not nearly as fun as this one. i know i don't like it as much.) that people do know about. Maybe someday I'll inform you all of that one. 

I feel like now I can be a little bit more honest with you. 
Phew. A big load of my chest. 

Really, though, how do you think Byard is pronounced?

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