Sunday, May 29

rainbows, lollipops, and dresses.

 Scarlett's Dress (Walmart)+Teal Cardi (Target)+White Belt (Thrifted)=Summer Has Arrived

I belted a freaking cardigan. 
I think I may have done it once before, with this cardigan but I belted it with a scarf. I liked it, sorta but I wasn't super comfortable in it. 
This on the other hand... heaven. This dress was just intended for me to belt it, it's actually Scarlett's (do you notice how I always steal her clothes? she hates it.) and she doesn't belt it when she wears it and completely pulls it off. Me, on the other hand, when I put it on without a belt it looked terrible. Like a shapeless bag or something, it probably has something to do with the lack of boobage on this chick.

So I know you probably hate those bloggers where they talk about the weather, but I don't care. If you mind that much skip this paragraph. Because HELLO!! it's 82 degrees today and it make me overjoyed with life. The sucky part is that I have to go to work soon... until 10. Day wasted in a store. Drats. 
The other sucky thing about it being so bright and sunny out is that the Eskimo that I have become isn't used to the sun and squints in all of her pictures. That's cool.

P.S. How about those pictures?
For once in my life I feel like I took decent pictures. Erm, hello? Do you see that detail shot. Yipps, I'm good. Not really. Just a lucky shot. 

Ok. One other thing before I check out with ya'll. Have you been to my sister's blog? She photographs the majority of my stuff and she's just plain amazing. If you haven't been over there... check her out and leave her pretty comments.
Just. Click. ----> This Link
Pretty please? 


  1. love your style!!!
    congratulations honey!
    xxx =D

  2. Hey Ha-eh-Lauren, thanks for the blog follow! I love this outfit- that dress is adorable on you! You look so great in those cool, rich colors. :) I've been informally following your blog for, like, ever... LET'S MAKE THIS OFFICIAL, SHALL WE? ;-)

  3. Such a pretty dress!! :) I love how you have belted that cardigan! I am going to have to try that one day!!

    Monique xx

  4. @Autie J.
    Haha, I know!! I've been unofficially following you for awhile, but here's the real reason I didn't officially follow you: I'm in no way tech savvy and couldn't figure out how to follow anyone.

  5. @Monique
    Thanks! My sister has a great sense of what to wear... that's why I steal everything of hers and then just wear it my way

  6. That is a cute outfit. I love cardigans.


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