Friday, May 27

summer nights, everybody are you with me?

HK Tank (Forever 21)+Olive Shorts (Thrifted)+Red AllStars=Summer Time

Guess what came in the lovely mail today? 
If you guessed "A bright red pair of Converse in a size 6" well... You got it, dude! I'm overjoyed! They're my birthday present, and tho they're a wee bit big (which is weird because I generally wear a 6, but I probably should have gotten a 5 or 5.5) I ADORE them. They're just what I've been wanting. What's funny is that they're the first pair of new tennis shoes that I've had to buy since 5th grade. Pathetic right? But oh so worth it. I'm already in love with them and I haven't even had them for 3 hours. I'm pretty sure this is going to be my summer uniform, which will probably get old for you all. But it's so comfy. I'm still loving the tank (not that I ever thought I'd fall out of love with it. it IS Hello Kitty) it's so comfy and perfect for summer, tho if I'm being honest it still doesn't feel like summer. It hasn't been past 60 for days. But lucky for you all, now that my hair is growing out I'm figuring out fun things to do with it. Remember when I wanted to know what this braid is called? Well I found out (it's called a waterfall braid) and I'm making my mother do it in my hair. I'm really having fun with this long hair stuff. But, yeah, anyways, my outfits this summer'll probably be pretty much just like this one except for work outfits. 
 I'm working now, which probably means good things for you all. I'll probably look more cute and I'll have tons more jewelry. That's the problem with working where I work, I want to have half the store. I've already have two new beads (spacers actually, so they're a wee bit cheaper) for my Pandora. But, HELLO!!, how could I resist? They look like Hello Kitty bows, which is a must for Lauren to own. 

Ok. Wow. Longest post ever?? Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner.
Oh! One more quick thing: 
I've been meaning to learn to play the guitar for, oh I don't know, around a year now. I've known one, lonely, single chord for around that same amount of time. But I've finally learned three more! I'm finding it to be super challenging, but I'm sort of happy about that in a strange sort of way. So that's why I have a guitar with me. In case you were wondering. 


  1. These pictures are simply stunning! Your outfit looks so cute and relaxed for summer, and you're right--who could resist and adorable Hello Kitty tank or HK inspired charm?! You're totally rocking the Converse, and have inspired me to pull my old red high tops out of hiding (aka the back of my closet).
    Congrats on learning guitar as well!

  2. @Paige Renae
    Thanks. My sister is absolutely fabulous! I can't wait till she takes my Senior pictures soon.

  3. Oh, this outfit is perfect! Sooo cute. I love those red converse, I've been wanting to get some.....but I'm not so rich right now. Lol!


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