Tuesday, May 24

thumbs up baby

Whoa. I've been meaning to do this for... oh I don't know over a week! Yes, I'm behind. But whatever, it's nearly summer and I don't have a schedule for my life anymore. Which I'm totally a fan of. 
Anywho, peoples, are you wondering why I have such a happy look on my face and giving ya'll a thumbs up?? Well it's because I've reached over a hundred posts!!
K, maybe that's not such a big deal for you. But for me, it totally is. Sometimes I'm a wee bit bad at sticking with things, especially if I don't see instant gratification. 
So let's pretend this is a party, I'll buy the red plastic cups. Because we all know that's when a real party begins, when you have red plastic cups.*

*Please do not think that I'm implying we should drink beer, I was thinking more along the lines of Mountain Dew. 

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