Wednesday, February 29

where has that old friend gone lost in a february song?


Goodbye February! I'm not sad to see you go, especially with weather such as this. Though I am a bit worried about the happenings of March (such as my piano audition at the end of the month!), I'm very excited to welcome another month into my dismal life and even more excited to experience it with all of you! 

What happened on the blog this month?
She had 22 posts, 1,235 visitors, and 7 new stalkers readers! I'm pretty sure that that is a record for this ole' blog. (Hi, new readers! I'm really glad to have you here! Keep commenting and interacting, I love you all)
I was accepted to Bethel College!
I made my first ever gif for the blog.
I posted (1234) some snazzy hairstyles and hair DIY's. 
Did my first ever guest interview featuring Abbi
I was interviewed on Abbi's blog.
Ivory Giraffes is now on FacebookBloglovin' , & Twitter

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