Thursday, February 23

Hair Week//Day 3: Olive Oil Treatment


Wanna get healthy, shiny hair? 
There are tons of companies out there that promise you big results if you use their treatment... and for only $19.99! 
Well, I don't know about you but I'm saving up for college. I don't really feel like spending money on something that probably won't even give me the results I'm looking for. So instead I've found something that works just as well (actually, better!) and you probably already have it in your cupboards: Olive Oil. You can get the cheap stuff for $4.78 at your local Walmart and if you use it solely for your hair it will last a long time. 
All you do is lean your head over a bathtub or sink, pour a little of this onto your head and work it in. Use as much as it takes to cover all of your head (trust me, you will not need as much as you think!). Wrap your hair up turban-style with a towel, then just leave it in for awhile. I'd say at least a half hour, but it won't hurt if you leave it longer! After you're done letting it soak in rinse your hair out really well. You might need someone to help you with the last step. Voila! Healthy. Shiny. Hair. 


  1. I actually have some of this that I made my dad go out and buy for me from Meijer's a few weeks ago ha. I want to do it because I've heard it it works well. Isn't it hard to rinse out though?

    1. It does take a little time to rinse it all out, but I didn't find it too difficult and the results are well worth it. You can also use shampoo if it still feels slimy.


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