Thursday, March 1

what i wore// beckoning Spring



Jeans- Delia's (Thrifted); Pink Tee- Forever21; Lace Cami- Thrifted; Belt- Thrifted
There comes a point in everyones year when they begin aching for the season to change into Spring. To see the snow vanish around you, and hear the distinct sound of the chickadee. To smell dirt and mud. To feel the temperature rising, so as to remind you that summer is just around the turn. Spring places a freshness in the air, and with that freshness a longing in our hearts to be free and wild. To roam along the countryside barefoot, and sweater-less. 
Unfortunately for me, Spring does not seem to be making its way any time soon in my neighborhood. Rather we've been hit with a terrible snowstorm that makes me want to vomit and pitch a fit. The temperature is higher today than yesterday, at 28 degrees. In my heartfelt attempt to awaken Spring I've decided to wear Spring-y colors. Maybe, just maybe, she'll decide to make herself known to me. 

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