Thursday, May 31

May Day

Oh. My. Goodness. Yet another month is gone. Where in the world is all the time going? Ha. I sound like an old woman. But, seriously. May is over with. So what are some of the big accomplishments on the blog and elsewhere this month?

On The Blog-

  • Ivory Giraffes had 37 posts in May (Post 37 coming later today!!)! And 2,596 page views, which is almost a thousand more than we've ever had, 85 comments, and a few new readers. I forgot to keep track, so sorry about that. As of today there are 49 of us, so dangerously close to 50! 
  • 20 Things- 2.0  went awesomely! Check it out to learn 20 things you probably didn't need to know about me!
  • I did a guest post for Michelle
  • Ivory Giraffes became affiliated with Shabby Apple! Which is basically just a fancy way to say that if you click the Shabby Apple button on my blog and purchase something, I'll get a commission. Which is rad.
  • I talked a lot about being happy
Off The Blog-
  • I turned eighteen! 
  • I started working, and driving a moped.
  • I drank my first Starbucks and had my first taste of Panera. 
  • I also ran into a barbed wire fence, resulting in cutting up my leg.
All in all, what a great month. And many more to come, I hope! 

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  1. This is too cute! You are adorable as well. I just turned 20 and would give anything to go back to 18, so enjoy it well you can. So glad to have stumbled across your blog from My girl Thursday :)

    xo Shane


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