Wednesday, May 30

What I Wore// Nemesis

Skinny Jeans= Delia's; Grey Cami= JC Penney; Black Cardigan- Walmart!!; Peacock Scarf- ModCloth (Noey); TOMS 
It has become the time of year where I wish to remain mostly naked. Seriously, as much as I love clothes they are my nemesis (Somehow I spelled that right on the first go. I'm so awesome.) in every sense of the word. Sometimes I think about joining a nudist colony (Are there really such things? It seems people make it a joke... Are nudist colonies real things?) just so I don't have to put on clothes. Or at least just run around in my underwear all day. I suppose that's what bathing suits are for, but even bathing suits are not quite as comfy as a pair of my favorite Victoria's Secret panties (I am not averse to the word "panties". Some people are, but I am not. So deal.). Just know that today I'm actually not wearing what you're seeing... I'm basically trying to soothe my want of being naked by wearing yoga pants. Same thing, right? But, I did wear this Sunday. So it counts, amirite? 
On a completely unrelated note I'm trying to make a little hair tutorial for you hotties, and I want to know if you prefer video tutorials or picture/written out tutorials. Your pick, hot stuff. So make a good decision! 
Okay, I better sign off now as I'm obviously in a crazy mood and who knows what I'll say next. Plus, I really need to finish up some homework so the boy can get his butt over here in a few hours and we can have cuddle time! Be jealous. As you sit in your hot house, reading this somewhat weird post and asking yourself why in the world you're even still reading; I will be having the best time with my one and only.


  1. This really is such a cute outfit:) And haha, my go to outfit for the summer is usually my swimsuit or my sports bra. I think their are nudist colonies.......

  2. You should do a video tutorial! :)

    Hahaha, I love this post! It's hilarious! Yes, nudist colonies exist. lol I've seen it on TV, and a friend of my mom's was at the beach and they were riding horses and they rode into a nudist colony. They were quite shocked to see a bunch of naked people just walking around like nbd. haha

    You should make a post about you and Hunter. Like how long you've been together, how you met, how you got together, all that good stuff haha. I love "romance." lol

  3. Haha I don't know about nudist colonies but I know that Las Vegas has a pool specifically for nudists.


  4. This post made me smile and laugh!
    I also adore your outfit(:

    I could never join a nudist colony because it'd just be awkward walking around a bunch of naked people all day, haha.
    But, I do enjoy being naked though(:
    Probably with undies on though is my favorite.

    Wowwww...I'm weird, haha.

    Have a lovely day Hannah!

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae


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