Monday, May 28

You Look Beautiful Tonight

This weekend was basically just a blast. I started working (No kidding. This is actually a wonderful thing), went camping on Friday, worked some more, went to the local graduation, spent some much-needed time with the boy, and spent a day walking around Mackinaw City with Tanner and Noey.

To elaborate on the whole graduation part, it was an interesting experience. I've only ever been two high school graduations and both were at very large schools. I've mentioned time and time again how small of a place I live in, and the school is no exception. It was a pretty interesting ceremony and I'm glad I went. I was telling Tanner that although I would never want to change my home schooled education, it's sort of sad in a way to see a lot of friends up there receiving their diplomas together while you sit and watch. I can't imagine how it would be for some of the people who actually had attended that school and had to leave for various reasons. 
I was really quite glad I got to see my good, old friend, Ben graduate. That kid has been in my life for, well, forever. And I'm so proud of the person he's become. Congrats, Ben! After all the world has thrown at both of us, we're still standing. As individuals, and best of all, as friends. And, not only are we standing, we're thriving. 


  1. You look so pretty in that picture! And Tanner has some of the coolest hair I've ever seen. I'd never be brave enough to dye my hair crazy colors (and I don't think my parents would let me haha) but if I did, it would be like that. Your sister is so pretty too! :)

  2. Hi Hannahh!! I haven't commented in any of your posts in a while...but you look beautiful!! I actually changed my URL btw(: && as for the Liebster award you gave me a while back thank you!! LOL, I've been too lazy to upload mine, but I will soon(: And you're so close to 50 followers!! Congrats(: And good luck in college!!

  3. Haha! The second picture is awesome! =D
    You do look veeery pretty in the last picture! ;)


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