Friday, May 25

Grab Life By The...

So what's going on in the daily life of this kid? Oh, nothing much, really. But in case you're dying to know about the oh-so-lame life of Hannah I'll tell you. Cause, I'll do anything for you guys. (Okay. Maybe not dance around naked or something. But nearly anything else.

Today is my first day of work for the year, and I'm really excited about driving up to Mackinaw with my little moped. Boy, oh boy, do I love that gas mileage. It's basically prime. 
I got brand-spanking-new glasses yesterday. Which is actually super duper exciting if you're as blind as I am. I was happily surprised at how much clearer my vision is in these glasses rather than my old ones. I really hadn't realized how bad my prescription had gotten. Also, it's a pretty awesome thing that my eye hasn't  gotten puffy in the last week! Hip hip hooray for the little stuff!
Hunter is officially done with school for the year! Which is basically awesome for me because now I get him much more often. Which equals a very happy Hannah. I sincerely cannot get enough of that boy. Seriously. He's wonderful.
I've been listening to a lot of Pandora Radio lately. It's the perfect thing to listen to while addressing a trillion-and-four graduation invitations. Currently my favorite station is She & Him with Joshua Radin in a close second... or maybe Elvis. 
I went camping last night with Casie, which was super fun. Her and my other cousin, Kati, woke me up at six screaming about a huge spider. I, of course, couldn't see it because (as said earlier) I'm practically blind. All in all it was a pretty fun experience. Except for peeing in the woods. I'm not a huge fan of that. Okay, scratch that. I'm not a fan of it at all
My dog is really weird. I'm not entirely sure why but she has this obsession with licking pillows. Creepy, right? She's sitting next to me just licking one of our pillows like crazy. No one knows exactly why she loves licking them so much, but it's one of her favorite things. Also, my cat is as cute as ever. Seriously. Also, I really want a hedgehog. If anyone wants to send one to my house, feel free. 
I've found that being eighteen really isn't that awesome. There really isn't anything spectacular that I can do that someone a year younger than me can't. Except get a tattoo... maybe I should do that. Ha. Who am I kidding? I don't want a tattoo. 

Okay, well that should be enough rambles to get you people through your day. And it wasted some time for me that otherwise would have been dull. Annnnd, I'll see you on Monday, John.*

*If you know what this is from, I will love you forever. And we can get married. And have beautiful, little intellectual babies who read Jane Austen by the time they're five. For realsies. 


  1. The idea of a hedge hog living among us is nice thought. However, it isn't a possibly or in the slightest realm of reality! The giver will be 6 hours away.

  2. The glasses look really good! :)



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