Thursday, May 24

What I Wore// Lay 'Em Down

Grey & Black Dress- JC Penney (Noey); Hair- Reverse Roll; Nailpolish- Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Hard-core Party
I really love how easy it is to wear a dress in the warmer months. It's basically heaven. No tights to worry about ripping, no cardigans to forget in warm buildings. Just a simple little dress and BAM! you're done. No pants, extra breeze. It's prime. I'm really loving driving around on my little moped when it's warm with a dress on. It's just so freeing. But, then again, I've always been a motorcycle kind of girl.
Tomorrow I start working again (woot! woot! for a cash flow!) and I'm pretty excited. Especially excited about driving this little baby. The fact that I get 100 miles to the gallon is about the best thing in the universe. 

Lately my hair has been looking sort of reddish. I usually get naturally red highlights during the summer, but this year it seems to be out in full force. But, it got me thinking... 

If I were to turn into ginger would that mean I lost my soul, or never had one? 

Kidding, kidding of course. I'm actually so freakishly jealous of "ginger" hair. If I could pick any hair color in the world it would be red. Though with my skin tone I'd look a little funny. 


  1. You look lovely dear.
    So jealous of your moped(:

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    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  2. What a cute dress! And love your hairstyle! =)

  3. Oh goodness, this is so cute:) I love the new layout of your blog by the way! Did you have someone do it for you or did you do it through Blogger? (I'm kind of wanting to change my layour to something like this, thats why) :)And haha, I think if you turned ginger your soul would go away. People always joke around that I'm half ginger, so I have half a soul!

    1. I had Kaelah of Little Chief Honeybee do it for me! I highly recommend her! She was so sweet, and super easy to work with!


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