Tuesday, May 1

20 Things 2.0- Thing 1

Remember last year when for my birthday month I told you a somewhat interesting tidbit about me until the day of my birthday? Well, I had fun with that. So I'm doing it again! Let's begin "20 Things- Version Two". 
Behind that smile is a very frightened little girl. 
I'm really afraid of masked creatures. Like at DisneyWorld or other places. They scare the crap right out of me. They first time I ever went to Disney there was a parade or whatever that happens in the middle of the day, and I out of nowhere I see the mean Teddy bear from Toy Story 3. I literally started running away and almost started crying. I do not hug Mickey Mouse. I do not say hello to the VeggieTales characters. I don't even like characters that are in costumes but not necessarily in a mask, like I Love Lucy. I was so mad when I had to take that picture... 

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