Wednesday, January 23


In the past couple of days snow has accumulated significantly in Mishawaka, Indiana. So much so that both of the ponds on Bethel's campus have froze over, providing an opportune place to test one's courage and walk across. {the picture is not of me, but rather one of my bff's brittany. although i also crossed the fierce reflection pond} What does this mean for me? Lots of cuddle time with Shang in my dorm when I'm not required to go to a class. 
I really enjoy my cozy little room, where most everything is either grey or purple. It has a quaint charm about it that I have come to love. I wasn't sure if I would ever feel like this dorm room was home, but come to find out: I have. I realized this today as I was finally walking back to my dorm. See, I had a really long day today. I was constantly either in class or in the practice room from nine this morning until five. And when I was walking back I realized how glad I was to be going to my room, my room. Where I live. And this... this is my new home. My home away from home. 

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