Sunday, January 20

Down Time.

Sometimes a girl 
Just needs some down time. 

After a much more adventurous weekend than I'm used to {staying out until one on friday!} I'm very pleased to just be laying in yoga pants, cuddling with Shang, catching up on some laundry and watching Lizzie Bennet Diaries {and maybe some chris crocker... i'm a heathen}. 
In much other news, I'm trying out a new font. Tell me what you think, and while you're at it you can take a survey all about what you think about Ivory Giraffes! I really want this blog to be something that other people enjoy as much as I do, and if you would take a minute or two to just give me some insight into what you want to read it'd be great! I don't want this to be a blog where it's all about me, with no interaction from you the readers. It's high time that I start reaching out to everyone else, so let's start a discussion! Be as harsh as you think you need to be! 

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