Wednesday, April 18


I sat down with my rock candy and my laptop on a fluffy white bed surrounded by noises of the ocean. Finally. Internet that works, and is free to boot. I, of course, log onto Blogger and immediately write up a quick blog post. Anxious to finish it up so I can get caught up on my blog reading. I scroll through my dashboard, and one by one click on the links. I opened up ClothedMuch and snuggled in to read Melissa's post on confidence. You all know how much I talk about inner beauty and all that jazz, so I was excited to read this article that she linked to. I read it. I loved it. I agreed with it. 
It also made me sad. I've seen more people in the last few days than I probably do in a year back home. So that means a lot more little girls. And, to be honest, we're country bumpkins out in Bliss Michigan. Most little girls that I know around here I more worried about racing calves and dirt bikes than putting on makeup. At least until they're in their teen years. But here. I see little girls, under ten years old, wearing makeup. And I'm so sad. I mean, I totally get that it's not my place to say how old one has to be before wearing makeup. I didn't start wearing makeup until I was nearly sixteen (and by makeup I mean mascara.), but by no means does that mean everyone else has to withhold from makeup wearing until they're older too. But, ten? Why should a ten year old have to worry about how they look? They should be having fun. Especially at Disneyworld. Trying not to puke on Space Mountain, and meeting Minnie and Mickey. Not worrying about if their mascara is running after getting soaked on Splash Mountain. 
I'm so saddened by the pressure that has been put on little girls. To be skinny. To look "perfect" (whatever perfect even is...), to have boyfriends. It's not necessary, and it makes me want to purposely go out of the house feeling confident but not dressed to the nines. I feel pressure on me, and being nearly eighteen I can handle it. I can deal with it. But the same amount of pressure is being put on ten year olds, and I'm not so sure how long they can handle it. 
I want the world to know that anybody can be pretty. Anyone. But not everyone can be beautiful. And being beautiful is a lot more important that being physically pretty. 

May you be beautiful. May you feel beautiful. May you exude your beauty from your soul into your outer being. May you always realize that your worth comes not from the clothes on your back, or the foundation on your face but rather the kindness of your heart. 

Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing against the use of makeup. I, personally, don't wear it much because I'm a lazy human and I really have no idea how to wear it. Wearing makeup at a young age is your own choice, and more power to you if you're great at it. Just don't let it become who you are. Also, I'd like to make aware that just like all little girls I played dress up when I was little thing with my older cousin and she would put lipgloss on me and things such as that. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about little girls who daily wear makeup to feel beautiful, and think that that's the only way they can go out of the house. Now that I've written you a novel (in mini text no-less, sorry if you can't read it...) I will officially sign off. :) 


  1. i really really really enjoyed your post and agree with you 100%, my cousin who is 13 is wild for make up and making sure her hair is perfect im not like that now and im 23 i didnt wear make up till about 16/17 and i can tell you i didnt miss out its alot of hassle putting it on everyday lolx

    1. Thank you! I was hoping this would be received well. I mean, like most little girls when I was quite little I'd play dress up with my older cousin's clothes and she'd put makeup on me and such. I think that nothing is wrong with makeup as an enhancer, and it is fun. But women shouldn't be dependent on it. It just breaks my heart when I'm with a friend and she can't even feel comfortable going on a walk without putting on her face first. I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't wear makeup until in their later teens! Now that I've written you another novel... Ha. Thanks for the comment. :)

  2. ano want you mean Hannah!! Its crazy, its just all about how you look now! :( lol no problem haha , thank you for my comment 2 :)

  3. I didn't wear makeup until I was almost 16, and even then it was only mascara, maybe a little eyeliner. Now I wear mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow and blush. But only a little bit and it looks natural, and not every day haha. For me, that is what I like better.

    It makes me sad, too, to see little girls with their faces caked in makeup. They think they have to have makeup to be beautiful and that isn't true. Thanks for this post! :)

    1. I'm all for the people who can pull off crazy colors and look great doing it! Gosh, I wish I could sometimes! A more natural look is definitely what I prefer for myself as well. :)


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