Thursday, April 19

I'm Going Home, To the Place Where I Belong

Dear Michigan, 
Although you are cold, I've missed you. Florida is nice, but it's nothing compared to you. The ocean's nice, but I prefer Lake Michigan. Palm trees are nice, but birch trees are better. You're my home and nowhere else will ever compare.
Your Lifetime Resident,

Dear Mercy Roo & Sophie Bophie, 
I've missed your stinky butt, Soph. And your pointy nose. And your pretty eyelashes. I miss hearing you bark at the horse, and everyday at two o'clock when the mail comes. I've missed your squinty eyes, Mercy. And when you knead my legs and chest every morning. I even miss when you give me hives on my neck and face. I'm excited to see you both. 
Your Owner,

Dear Bed,
I miss you, I'll never leave you again. I promise... Well, except when I do leave again. 
I love you always,

Dear Hunter,
I saved you for last, cause you're most important. I've missed you loads. By the time I see you it will have been two weeks since I saw you last. It makes me realize how much going to Bethel is going to suck, but it's also made me realize that we can do it. I love you more than you know. I'm so excited to hug you, and just look at your beautiful blue eyes. To jump in your arms, and kiss your cheek. I love you. 
Yours Forever,

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