Monday, March 12

What I Did || Country Livin'

May I just say right off the bat that I loved this past weekend? It was warm. (In the 50's!) It was beautiful, and I got to spend a lot of it with my boy. Wonderful. 
Sunday after church I saw my cousin at the one and only Bliss Store and he told me about his Uncle Phil going out to tap trees for Maple Syrup. Well, I obviously had to run home, put on my Hello Kitty Rainboots, turn on Ugly Truck 3 and get over to Uncle Phil's house! 
The only bummer was that I had to leave after about an hour to head off to Bible Study. It was actually a really good study from a Nooma video, called Bullhorn. Rob Bell spoke about how there are always going to be people putting a bad spin on the Christian faith, like the Bullhorn guy who was standing in the middle of a crowd telling people they were all going to hell. Sure, he may of had good intentions, but wrong is wrong regardless of the intentions. But because the youth group was going to do the evening service at church, all of us Bible study kids stayed to watch practice and then go to the service. Half way through the practice, though, Hunter, Michelli, and I decided to take a little walk. Have I ever mentioned that Hunter can take really amazing photographs? Cause he can. 

After the evening service I went to take the lovely Michelli home, but... my dear old truck got stuck in calf deep mud. Eventually after calling my Uncle to come help me we got 'er out. 

All in all, it was a wonderful Sunday (and weekend!) full of happiness and fun. 

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  1. Oh, I Love the Bullhorn Guy video. Sooo good!


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