Tuesday, February 25

Setting Souls on Fire

Do you ever hear or read something that simply lights your soul on fire? That rekindles that spark that you just realize in that moment has went out without you ever even realizing it? That speaks to the heart of your spirit and you say quietly to yourself, "Ah! I remember now. That's why I was born, that's why I'm doing what I'm doing." And in nothing more than a second your being is awakened, and it's so strange because you were only vaguely aware that it was asleep. It happened for me. I watched this video while sitting alone in my apartment and began sobbing. I've felt these things before, but I haven't for a really long time. And listening to this beautiful woman speak about what music is for her rekindled my soul. I'm so excited to practice. I'm excited to go to my Music History class and my rehearsals. I am so infinitely blessed to have music in my life. 

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