Wednesday, February 19

Worry Less

Remember back in the day when I used to do "outfit posts"? Well you can all be grateful that I don't do those anymore because something like this is my basic daily outfit, just swapping out the shorts for leggings when I have to go out into the world. There's just something about wearing workout shorts that makes my soul really happy, maybe it's because of my recent obsession with running and I wear them daily for a few hours anyways. The running has been magnificent, and yesterday I ran my longest distance and quickest 10k time: 8 miles in 69 minutes. Not too shabby. The running thing has just been the best thing that I've been doing this semester. Last semester felt so stressful and I had no way to just release my stress, but running daily has really helped to keep me sane. Even though I detest running on a treadmill I'm so grateful to be in an environment that allows me run even on the coldest of days. When my day is too stressful for me to handle all I need are my running shoes and I'm ready to go. 

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