Wednesday, April 24

with faith and understanding, you will journey from boy to man.

Thinking about:
How quickly my freshman year has flown by! Next week is finals week, and then it's all done. This year has had its up and downs and so much has changed. I came with a roommate, I'm ending without one. I start with two suite mates, and now I only have one. My circle of friends have changed so much just since January and I'm so thankful for the girls I have. They are some of the best friends I've ever had.
Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison. I'm reading that for a research paper, and I just so enjoy Toni Morrison's writing. I've read Beloved, and everything about her writing just makes me happy. I've also slowly been rereading Looking for Alaska, mainly on the basis that it's... Looking for Alaska. Does one need more reasons that that?
Listening to:
I have been jamming out to Long Hot Summer on repeat for the past couple weeks. Probably only because I'm becoming extremely anxious to have summer come!
Looking forward to:
Prom! It's in just a few days and I'm ready to be home and get all dressed up. If you forgot, I was home schooled, so that means that I've never actually been to a prom before... I did go to homecoming one year, but lets be honest, that's not nearly as cool as prom. Plus I get to wear a really long, pink dress. And what's better than that? I mean, c'mon. It's pink we're talking about. And on top of all of that, all of my friends are coming home with me. 
I've always been into New Girl, but me and my suite have a ritual of watching it together every Thursday that a new episode comes out while eating our lunch. It's pretty fabulous, and I'm so in love with Nick's "dead Dad pass" phrase.
Making me happy:
It's super sunny right now, and that makes me so very happy. The morning started off really gloomy and that was just extremely depressing. I'm so thrilled that it's finally seeming to warm up for the most part. Like, seriously winter. I'm done with you. Bring on the warmth and the tan. Plus, I really want to start wearing my... bikini. It's my first time ever buying one, and I'm so excited to wear one for the first time since I was under three years old. Yeah, I'm a girl gone wild during my college years.

P.S. If you know what song I got this title from without Google, I will love you forever.

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