Tuesday, April 16


I think that it's completely idiotic of me to think that my saying anything about the tragedy in Boston will do anything. It won't be a condolence. It will add one more blog post, one more Twitter update, on more Facebook status to the billion coming in. When things like this happen, no one knows what to do. We offer up our sympathies, and some of us offer our prayers. After we do our obligatory duty, the wheels in our head begin to turn and we wonder how people could this. How could someone wake up one morning and decide that this is what they want to do with their lives? This is how they want to be remembered? We focus so much on the bad, the negative. It's so much easier to see, you know? It's in plain and simple sight that horrible people are in this world and horrible things happen. We all have known for millennium that this world is a horrible place. But, in focusing so much on the bad we're also giving insane attention to the one who committed this horrible act. So, what am I doing writing this? Just adding fuel to the fire?
When we think of all the bad that we saw yesterday, and think of how horrible the world is, remember those who helped. Think of all the good. Tens, hundreds, a nation full, of people rose to help. Millions offered prayers, and tons of people physically went to the aftermath and assisted the victims. This world is good. 

"Our world is kind of awful.
No. Our world is great. For every one person who plants bombs, you have hundreds more running a marathon. For every one person that makes a joke about the dead and dying, you have thousands more donating blood, offering prayers, and volunteering their time. Things like this are the fault of single individuals who make violent, loud statements. We just have to make sure that the statements of the good are louder." (source

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