Monday, April 23

Right Now...

I am Hannah Lauren Byard.
I think about death a lot. In a not-depressing way.  
I am happy most of the time, but especially when with the boy.
I have a spot on my forehead that needs some serious popping.
I miss my Daddy. 
I fear people in masks, and costumes. 
I feel like not going to my Doctor's appointment. 
I smell like Ivory soap. 
I usually laugh. 
I search for Hello Kitty paraphernalia. 
I wonder about the future. 
I regret caring too much about people who don't care an ounce back. 
I love broccoli! 
I care probably too much about what people think. 
I tell the best puns. 
I worry that I'm not good enough. 
I am not tall. 
I remember camping with my cousin in her backyard and sneaking into her house to get graham crackers and frosting. 
I believe that not everything happens for a reason. 
I sing all the time. 
I don't always take my own advice about inner beauty. 
I don't like parties with lots of noise. 
I write to relieve stress and be happy. 
I win games of Scrabble against Hunter... except for once. 
I dance when I want to annoy my mother. 
I wish that wishes actually came true. 
I never stop believing that there is a God who loves me deeply. 
I listen to music all the time, different genres depending on what I'm doing. 
I don't understand why people insist on bullying others, and must be continually rude. 
I can usually be found sitting at my piano bench. 
I need to get back into my running routine. 
I forget most everything. 

Borrowed from the lovely Brandilyn. :) 


  1. Ohmygosh I love you. I see myself in what you wrote (if thats not weird at all?). You are good enough, your absolutely beautiful and I love that picture of you:)

  2. You look soooo pretty in that picture, Hannah!


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