Tuesday, April 24

What I Wore// Learning to Love Again

Pink & Creme Striped Top- Levi's; Skinny Jeans- Delia's; TOMS; 
Life is sort of completely beautiful and really unpredictable most of the time. I'm really a fan of living, and I don't just mean breathing in and out. I mean really living, and to me part of really living is just simply being and appreciating the world around me. 
So thank you wind for tickling my cheek, and thank you dirt for the wonderful feeling I get when I squish you between my toes. And thank you kind people who hold doors open for me, even when I'm a ways behind you. Thank you kind nurses who give me shots in the leg instead of the arm. You're all what makes this world bearable despite the depressing parts, actually more than bearable. You're what makes it wonderful. 

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