Saturday, April 28

In Which I Talk About My BFFL

This whole month I've been on the go, go, go! It's been a crazy month, and I'm really not sure how all of a sudden it's almost over. And even weirder, almost my eighteenth birthday. Like, really? The girl who is still getting asked if she needs a "Kids Menu" is turning eighteen? Anywho, that's not what I wanted to write about. (Seriously. Show me a person who can ramble more and I'll be amazed.
What I was initially getting at is that I've been traveling a lot this month... actually the past two months. I went down to Bethel at the end of March, and then I went down to Florida a few weeks ago and now. Now. I'm on my way back to Bethel to see my wonderful, lovely, beautiful, favoritest cousin Casie graduate. 

Dear Casie,
I remember my first night ever going to youth. At that point you hated going, but you told me that you would come with me. So we went, and it was awful. I got made fun of, and you hated being there. I could tell. But it was fun because you were with me. You've always been the older, wiser, cooler, awesome person that I've looked up to. My role model in every way. The summer that you graduated high school we became a lot closer, and it was great. I never understood why you let me, a puny little eighth grader, follow you are like a puppy dog. But I always appreciated that you and your friends always included me, and never acted like I was obnoxious. It made me have so much respect for you, especially now when I'm the age you were and find myself more annoyed than compassionate about kids younger than me. 
WHen I found out that you were moving to Indiana, I bawled. I didn't want you to leave me, but I knew I was being selfish and you had to do what was best or you. Now, I'm so glad that you went. I can see how much you've grown in these past four years and I can't for that to happen to me too. You were always the kind of girl I wanted to be, but now you're the kind of woman I want to be. (As cheesy as that sounds...)
You have always been my role model. Someone that I've looked up to, and aspired to be like and I am so proud of you. Proud of your accomplishments in graduating. But more so proud of you keeping yourself strong in God. You inspire me to be better. To be more faithful, and always more compassionate. I love you, Cas. And I can't wait to see what else you do with your life, because it will be amazing. I'm going to miss you even more once you move even farther from me, but, just like Bethel, I know it's what's best for you. Happy Graduation, and congratulations, Casie. 
Your Mini-Me 

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