Sunday, April 8

He Is Risen, Christ Is Risen, Jesus You Are Lord of All

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Happy Easter! I'm happy in the fact that today is the reason that I have been able to be saved from myself. That my Savior was murdered on Friday and then rose from His grave three days later! Seriously, how stellar is that? That the only perfect person in the history of the world died, died, for me of all people. With all of my horribleness, cause seriously. I'm a really horrible person most of the time. And for you, too. For the whole world, even though most of the world will reject His gift. He doesn't care. He wants you, and loves you anyways. Even if you don't want Him. 
So Happy Easter! Have fun with your family, and eat great food, and most importantly... chocolate! 

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  1. Love this! I feel like sometimes, its a taboo subject for bloggers to talk about religion so brownie points to you. :)



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