Saturday, April 7

What We Wore// Date Night

DSC_0208 DSC_0214

Navy Dress & Belt- JC Penney; Grey Cardigan- Target; 
Black & Grey Dress- JC Penney; Leather Jacket- JC Penney; 
We went on a date. And dressed up. Looked fancified. Of course we had to go see The Hunger Games (Third time for me, and second for Noey), and may I just say one more time that I really loved it. There were very few things I would change, and that's a pretty big compliment coming from the movie snob herself. 
Funny thing, too. Hunter and Tanner ended up going to the movie's too, but to see something else. But afterwards the went into my truck (Because it's literally never been locked) and decided to take pictures. Um. My boy is the cutest. End of story, sorry Noëlle. 

Seriously. How could you compete with his charming smile? 


  1. Um no. I have to disagree with you there, Jerk.

  2. I love your friend's purple streaks in her hair! They look so awesome.


  3. I really like Noelle's dress!
    Gosh, it's so wierd writing that. =D

  4. love the purple hair.. i went to the hunger games i wasn't to keen, u must have been 3 times already lol lol.. cool post xx


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