Monday, March 26

MMH #21

Because I am a lazy bum I decided to do more of a link Monday Must Haves rather than the normal. Call me lazy, I don't care. (But I still feel the need to put some sort of picture here... so just go with it.)
  • I am so excited to try and make this Dotting Tool! Perfect polka dots, here I come!
  • I love this great Leopard Nail Tutorial. I've been wanting to know how to do this, and I'm awfully glad I found a good tutorial for it. 
  • Apparently I'm sticking with nails for right now, because this Bow Nailpolish is to die for... you know me and bows!
  • I've been eyeing this Skirt Tutorial for a good week now, and I really need to give it a go. It's just so darn cute. 
  • As the time gets nearer and nearer to my graduation I've been looking for some great stuff for my Open House, and this Picket Fence idea is adorable!
  • Speaking of my Open House, how about these Mustache for straws! I'm pretty positive I'm going to attempt to make these with foam. If they turn out well I'll make a tutorial. 
  • I'm really loving all these Hair Tutorials from The Paper Mama. They're simple, clear, and generally turn out really well. 
  • I'm currently very obsessed with this song by Britt Nicole. Hopefully I shall learn it. 
  • I love this simple, messy Hair Style. And but of course there is a braid involved. 


  1. That is such a cool picture! And beautiful hairstyle.

  2. I love the Monday Must Have posts. When I first saw them I thought it meant Makes Me Happy. but everything that goes into them are all really cool ideas. I do a post similar to this, I'd love it if you would follow me, and maybe help me gain a follower or two more. (:


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