Thursday, March 22

The Thursday Before...

{random picture of ice cream, because i swear it can brighten anyones day!}
It is early here in Michigan. Okay, so it's nearly seven o'clock but that's pretty darn early for me. I'm sitting here being anxious. Anxious to leave. Anxious to stay. Although my audition isn't until tomorrow at three o'clock, because we live six hours away we're leaving this morning at nine thirty. Hopefully we can get some shopping in tonight at the mall (hint, hint, Forever21) and maybe some swimming at a pool. 
Some interesting things happened on Tuesday morning concerning my audition... if by interesting I mean completely horrid. 
I received a call confirming my audition Tuesday morning, which I was expecting. To be honest I was still in bed, because, well I can be. Long story short, I was told Tuesday that I needed to have two pieces prepared when previously I had been told one. Which is a pretty big deal. I've been working on a Sonantina by Clementi for a few months, perfecting it. Memorizing it. And come to find out 1) Now they say it doesn't need to be memorized and 2) I need to prepare another piece... in two days. 
So I pulled an older song out of my repertoire. One I haven't really played faithfully in roughly two years, but still has early advanced techniques. I practiced non-stop Tuesday until I went to my teacher's house for an impromptu lesson (by the way, have I ever mentioned that she is the sweetest person I know?) when she told me I've got a good handle on the song and I need to just give it a break. Can I just break down and be honest here? Well, hello, it's my blog and I can do whatever I please! The song I'm playing is the one that two weeks prior to my Daddy's death (and my sixteenth birthday) he asked me to play at his funeral. Which I did. So in a weird, twisted, not-in-the-way-I-want-at-all way I feel like my Daddy's gonna be there with me. Like, this is a song he listened to. And loved when I played. And because I believe music holds many powers within itself, it will almost be like he is there. Sorta. 
Somehow this whole horrible happening (which, mind you, is still horrible because I haven't practiced nearly enough) turned into not a so bad thing. Isn't that the way it always seems to go when one has an optimistic attitude? 

May you seize this day, and seize it to the full. For what is the point in seizing it all if it is only halfway? Smile a genuine smile, even if your alarm clock didn't go off until five minutes before you had to leave. Do a little skip out to the school bus. Be joyous of the fact that you can feel sorrow, for it means you're alive. 


  1. Recent follower, love the last paragraph! :)


  2. Good luck, Hannah!


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