Friday, March 30

A Biking Adventure... in the snow.

I know that  a lot of girls feel as if they were born in the wrong time and place. I am one of them. Maybe it's silly of me to think that, but there are days when I feel the overwhelming knowledge that I'm not where I belong.
Sometimes, and maybe I'm not the only one, I console myself by talking in foreign accents in my head and pretending to be a character from some of my favorite books. Today I could not help but feel that I was in England, and as soon as I stepped out of the door I felt as if I was Mary Lenox. 
As I've before mentioned I love classic literature, and honestly literature in general. One of my favorite parts of reading a book is how the characters always stay with you. I will always cary with me Jo March's feminism, Mary Lenox's stubbornness, Hazel Grace's relaxed views on death, Sara Crewe's imagination, Katniss' leadership, Elizabeth Bennet's sass, and Skeeter's boldness. These books have helped form my mind, made me who I have become. Their stories let me transport myself into their era and homes for a little while. And that's as good as it will get for me. 
In case you were wondering what that random picture of a phone is for, do you remember when I told you about Hunter losing his phone back in January? Well, when I was on my bike ride today I went looking in the ditch just to see if I could find it. Needless to say, I found it. And somehow, miraculously it works. 
Okay, I'll be back tomorrow telling you in video form about my audition! 


  1. Great pictures. Good eye. <3

  2. Whoa, thats awesome that you found his phone! Thats amazing actually..... And you have such a cute bike, I abolutely love this post:)

    1. Thanks! I love my bike an unfathomable amount. It's actually vintage, from either the 40's or the 60's. :)

  3. The first two pictures are amazing! SO nice.


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