Friday, February 10

what i'll wear// were you dropped on your head as infant or just born stupid?

As I told you yesterday I got my beloved package from ModCloth via FedEx yesterday! I was super duper excited. 
I had mentioned last Monday that I was in need of a Little Black Dress, and it took loads of searching but I finally found one. I had really liked quite a few from Nordstrom, and some from Target, but I just couldn't find anything exactly like what I was looking for. Hunter can testify to how picky I am when it comes to clothes sometimes, and he likes to make fun of me for it. But, hey, if I know what I want why would I settle? I had almost given up hope of finding the one when I randomly checked ModCloth (is anyone else obsessive about checking that site? i literally check at least once {usually more} a day). And I spotted this little number. Isn't she gorgeous? When I saw it I knew it was the one, but was quite put off by the price. Lucky for me I have a great Mama who decided I could have it seeing as I've never had to buy a prom or homecoming dress!
Putting it on made me feel like I Skeeter from The Help, and I love it! Now all I need is to have it hemmed a wee (or a lot) bit to fit my short frame, and some cute high heels and I'm set for my audition to get into Bethel's music program, and since I've already been accepted this is the last step! 

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  1. You look too too too cute! I love this on you, it's very flattering and such an adorable piece. <3


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