Saturday, February 11

and here's to many more

{yes. that is me with short hair... super short hair. moral behind the story: don't mess with me, because i will bring over a hundred dollars worth of pennies and kick your butt in a penny march and proceed to throw a pie in your face}
Happy Birthday to one of my favorite cousins: Brad. The kid has went from being one of those cool older kids you've always looked up to into this 20 year old extremely close friend. You're amazing Brad, and though you'll probably never see this I want to tell you how much I've appreciated you especially over the past two years. You've been more than a friend, you've been my brother. Thank you for always watching out for me, and teaching me the ways of Assassin's Creed. You've let me cut your hair. You've just been one of the best friends I will ever have the pleasure of having. We may fight sometimes, but that's what siblings are for. I'm going to miss you when we both move away to our colleges. I love ya, bud. 

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  1. Thanks Hannah! Its been great becoming better friends with you and hanging out with you! Its a lot of fun and your a great friend! Your just a great Person!! No prob there teachin ya Assasins Creed! Its addicting... lol.. Yeah its gonna kinda stink when we go away to college, but we better just chill on our breaks... lol,


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