Thursday, February 2

what i wore//strangers like me

HK Long Sleeve Shirt- JC Penney ($13); White Cami- JC Penney ($6); Dark-Wash Skinny Jeans- Thrifted; Blowfish Booties- TJ Maxx ($25) 
Every year for Christmas my Uncle Ron gives Scar and me each a $50 gift card to JC Penney. Scar and I have it all figured out when exactly to go to get the best deals, and now with the whole "No Sales" thing after February 1st we made sure to go January 31st and get the best deals we possibly could. The local (local as in one hour away) JC Penney is tiny, and leaves something to be desired, but it's prime for the basics. In my quest to spend my fifty dollars I found this Hello Kitty shirt and had to have it. It was originally $26 and I got it for $13. Pretty good, eh? All in all I got two V-Neck shirts (originally: $14, bought for: $6), a white cami (o: $14. b: $6), one bra (o: $36 b:$8!!!), two pairs of underwear (o: $7.50 b:$5). The total for my purchases before the sale prices was $124 and I paid under $50. You may now call me the sale queen. 
My pretty pup would not get out of my pictures, but that's okay. She's been featured on here before, back in the day. (Gah. Looking at this old blog post makes me want to go back and fix all of them. Do not judge these old ones, ha.) 

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