Wednesday, November 16

what i wore//chunkay sweater

jeans- thrifted; sweater- thrifted 
Look who wore her brand new old sweater!
This chick. 
I even curled my hair, which, speaking of I'm working on a special treat for you. 

I really loved this outfit. I felt fancified. 
I wore this to the first night of Chosen. It was nice and toasty... at times too toasty. But I have this thing where I detest being cold. I'd much rather be sweating than just a teensy bit cold. Why I live in Northern Michigan I know not. Oh. Yeah. I was born here. And I'm not eighteen yet. Buut, I'm pretty sure I want to live here the rest of my life. I love it here. Spring is splendid in Northern Michigan, the smell of dirt is my favorite. And then the Summer! My favorite time. Lake Michigan and free toes. Fall is beautiful. Prettiest colors I've ever did see. And in the Winter? Hm. What's good about Winter? Snowmobiling! And sledding! And the good part about it being cold is that it's perfect cuddling weather. My favorite! 


  1. Cuuuttteeeee :)) I love your hair! It's getting so long!

  2. Just found this through those linky things at the bottom of your posts!
    Oh my goshhhh. I ADORE that sweater!
    I might have to steal it from you(:

    I have a thing for sweaters.
    ...for most clothes, and accessories actually.
    But we're not going to get into that! Haha.

    You look lovely dear!

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae


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