Wednesday, November 16

Your Own Jesus

At my youth group full of crazy younger children, we have what I like to call the core group. The student leaders, if you will. Being ScarlettTannerMichelleHunter, and me. So we have a Bible study to sort of help us prepare ourselves for the upcoming craziness. I've been trying to find something we want to study, and found some awesome videos from Casting Crowns and I found out that Mark Hall wrote some books.

So I begged my Mama to order "Your Own Jesus", the regular edition and the student edition.  May I just say right now, if you're into living a numb-like faith. Don't read this book. If you want a mind blowing relationship with the Creator of this world and you, you're gonna want to get your hands on a copy of this book. Honestly, the man doesn't have extreme ideas that you've never heard of before. But the way he presents them. I know that my life is in the process of being change. 

This book is all about not being complacent. 
Which in all honesty, I really struggle with. 
It's about finding your own Jesus. 
Not your parents. 
Not your pastors. 
Not your favorite bloggers. 
But yours. 
I'm only in the first couple chapters, but I've already highlighted half of what I've read and thinking of my life in a new way. This is a must-read. 

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