Friday, May 20


I'm sorry for being M.I.A.
My computer is a pile of stinky cow manure. 

Okay, anywho, I'm gonna do a "20 Things Roundup"

#1: I'm scared of chickens
#2: I hate talking on the phone
#3: I'm a shortie
#4: I'm obsessed with handwriting
#5: I'm a picky eater
#6: I love Vanilla Coke
#7: I have flat feet
#8: I have really poor vision
#9: I love Amanda Bynes
#10: I'm a Nerdfighter
#11: I find my voice annoying
#12: I wish I was more crazy with my hair
#13: I love baggy t-shirts
#14: I believe in the Loch Ness monster and other fairytales
#15: I want a nose piercing
#16: I love to swim
#17: Notebooks are my best friends
#18: I used to have a mullet
#19: I get easily frustrated
#20: I'm just simply me. I have one personality for everyone I meet, and I'm just... me. It's my favorite part about myself. Like take for example, no matter how many people are around, if I have to pee I will randomly say "I gotta pee." to everyone around me. It's just something I say. It's weird. But... it's ME. 

Ok. I know this is getting to be a crazy long post buuut I just want to say I've had one awesome birthday and I got some super cute things at the nearest mall (meaning I had to drive well over two hours to get there... ahh country life) which you will be seeing in the next couple of days cause I know you've all missed my precious face. Kidding, kidding... kinda. But for realz, this birthday has been so awesome. Last night (or this morning I guess) I went to the midnight showing of The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides with my bestest friends in the world- Scarlett, Tanner, Hunter, Casie and Brad. And it was a blast. It was sooo good but so different from the others. But I'm a huge Pirates fan. Ok. Now that I've bored you all, you may go about your business. 

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