Wednesday, May 18


When I was little I had a mullet. 
It's actually an amusing story.
The story starts a couple weeks before the event when my Mother got a haircut. Seeing my Mom get one, I decided I wanted a haircut. But she said no. 
Fast forward a couple weeks. My Mom had errands to run or something and left Scarlett and I with our Daddy. Well, Scar and him decided to take a nap, and I saw the perfect opportunity to get a haircut. I ended up cutting big chunks out of my hair. When my Mom got home she totally freaked out on me, but I told her it didn't matter and that my hair would grow back. Then she told me I couldn't have braids in my hair anymore... and I started bawling. The only way the hair-lady-person could make it look decent-ish was to give me a mullet... if you can call that decent. 

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