Friday, October 4

Use What Talent You Possess

It's so easy as a musician to just start playing the comparison game. I do it every single time I'm in the practice room and can hear the person on the other side of my cement brick wall. "They're so much better than me. I can't do this. I might as well not even be a music major!" Or "I don't understand this theory concept like everyone else, I'm stupid and should just give up." That's not what music is about. It's about being and feeling the music, and being determined to keep at it even when you're not the best out there. I feel like music is thought of as something that you've either got or you don't. You either have the God-given talent or you have nothing and can't accomplish it. But determination and sincerity go such a long way in the music realm. Someone who has immense talent but no discipline will get frustrated and quit the first time that they face something they don't understand, and everyone will face something that don't fully comprehend. But when you have a little tiny bit of talent and whole lot of dedication, you're ready to face anything. And that's what being a musician is about. Feeling everything and being determined. 

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